Declared Business Interests


Governor Full Name

Name of Organisation

Nature of Business

Nature of Interest

Date Declared

Miss Katherine Jane Aldred Bagshot Infant School School Employed by SCC as Headteacher 21.09.16
Mr Steven William Barker Babcock 4S Educational Services provider Head of Governance Consultancy 20.09.16
Mr Steven William Barker Collingwood College Academy Trust School Chair of Governors and Trustee/Director 20.09.16
Mr Steven William Barker Ravenscote Multi Academy Trust School Member 20.09.16
Mr Steven William Barker Bagshot Infant School School Wife is employed by SCC as teacher 20.09.16
Mr Steven William Barker Harry and Ed’s Aspiration Raising Trust (HEART) Charity Self and wife are Trustees 20.09.16
Mr John Bauld  –  –  –  –
Mr Christopher Dennis Conry The Brook Church, Bagshot Church Pastor 20.09.16
Mrs Victoria Carolyne Ann Furst
Mrs Zoe Louise Ross
Mrs Tina Winter Bagshot Infant School,
The Brook Church Bagshot
School Church Employed by SCC as Teaching Assistant,
Charity Trustee
Mr Paul Tansiri
Mrs Caroline Jean Atkins Bagshot Infant School Children’s Centre Employed as Children’s Centre Manager 03.10.16