The School Day

Our school day
Parents are asked to ensure that children arrive at school at 8.40am, ready for the start of the school day at 08.50am. Children must be in their classrooms by this time.
Registration is followed by a working session until a whole school assembly time at 10.15am. This is then followed by playtime at 10.30am. A piece of fresh fruit is provided free by the school each day, as a healthy snack for this mid-morning break.

The children have access to drinks of water from their water bottles throughout the day. Play is followed by the second work session which continues until 11.45am.

Lunch for Reception children is at 11.45 and for children in Year 1 and 2 is at 12.15. Our midday break runs until 1.15pm.

Since September 2014 the Government have introduced Universal Free School Meals for all children in Foundation through to Year 2. Meals are cooked on the premises and served in the school dining room.

Children wishing to bring sandwich meals may do so. Parents are requested to
ensure that all lunch boxes are clearly named on the outside with the full name of the owner. Adult supervision is provided throughout lunch-time. A wide variety of activities are available for the children to enjoy in the playground.

Afternoon school begins at 1.15p.m. Registration is followed by two afternoon sessions. The school day ends at 3.10 p.m. At this time parents come to the classrooms to collect the children, thus ensuring that all our children leave school in the care of a responsible adult.